J.O.B = Just Over Broke or Just On Budget…???

Hello readers,

How you day today?.. i hope you guys enjoy your day as much as i enjoying my day today..Talking about job, people always think too much about it. Sometimes we relying too much on it, If no job, then we in big trouble. Well, let see.is it any other option beside having a job to make a life?…


(too much paperwork..:D)

I think you understand what i mean..I believe we live in a abundance world where its always enough for everybody.That is why i don’t worry about job because i know i can make some cash beside having a job. We all know about it but how many of us really understand the important of not rely too much with your job.

Doesn’t matter how much you earn, you still can make more by doing more. If you just got fired, don’t get panic..there are always have a solution for your problem. Do other thing beside a job. Nowadays there are lots of way to earn some cash in order to live comfortably in our life. Eventhough you are now having a job, doesn’t mean you do not need get some extra income to support your current financial. That is what people called smart thinking.

So..no job or have a job..so what..

Take a first step. BE YOUR OWN BOSS.


(I already fired my boss…hehehe..:D)


Ok..we talk later…got some money making agenda..:D




i am the pirate king..

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